Wednesday, August 7, 2013

$20 Tuesday

$20 Tuesday . . . Pencil Box

Join us every Tuesday for the month of August for our $20 Tuesdays. We will explore some great options that you can create for $20 or under! These prices are based on the US price value and do not include shipping and handling or tax.
Did you know that there are 2.8 billion pencils manufactured every year? It’s true—I asked Google! Now, I have to confess, I very rarely use them, but my kids do all the time. They doodle, they do school work, they stick them in their ear. . . . (Okay, the last one I made up—but I figured three things made the pencil sound a little more useful!)
Anyway, with school coming up I knew that they would need something to store all of their little goodies in. Pencils, pens, glue, scissors, eraser—all need a place to live. I certainly didn’t want them floating around in their backpacks, or as we like to call them “pack packs” (thanks to my cute little kids who couldn’t say “backpacks” when they were little). They needed to go somewhere.
So, I thought we could run to the store and buy pencil boxes, or . . . we could make our own! Well, since I work here at Stampin’ Up! and my wife has an unquenchable desire to craft, I decided that buying one would certainly be blasphemous!
I decided that the new Wood-Mount Cases would be perfect for this project. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of tons of things that could go in them since they were introduced—Matchbox cars, puzzles, Barbie accessories . . . but I digress; ours were destined to be pencil boxes!
I also thought that the Tag a Bag Accessory Kit would be the perfect fit to make these go off without a hitch.

So, if you are figuring out the cost—that’s $6.95 for the cases and $7.95 for the Tag a Bag Accessory Kit.
Part of the fun of this activity is that the kids were able to do it themselves. The guidelines? They had to use the Stampin’ Up! items that I gave them and stuff they could find in the house.
It was so much fun to watch their different personalities come through as they were creating their boxes. Baby Girl just went for it. She wanted ribbons and all things girly, while my son thought the perfect thing for his pencil box was to draw inspiration from one of his model trucks he is going to put together—and make lightning bolts on his paper!

After watching the kids create theirs, I have to say—I got a little jealous, I wanted to branch out on my own, and make my wife a little something. You see, this is the first year both kids will be in school and my wife is already not looking forward to it. So, I thought I could make her a survival kit—so that when the kids are away she can have some fun “alone time” and not miss them too much.
I followed the same rules as for my kids, but there are certainly ways you can dress this idea up! With all of the pieces that came I was able to make her the survival box, a little memo book (the chipboard is the packaging for the Tag A Bag Accessory Kit) so she can jot down notes, thoughts, or whatever (I did add some blank white copy paper inside) and a couple of bookmarks! And hey, no teasing me about the penmanship!

As the day gets closer I will also add a little something sweet (and maybe a gift certificate or two!) to keep the blues away!
And just to show what a great deal this is, below is all the extra pieces from the kit!

Drop us a line below to let us know how you are using the Wood-Mount Cases and Tag A Bag Accessory Kit!
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Sr. Web Properties Specialist 

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