Monday, July 8, 2013

Washi Class!

The first time I heard the term Washi Tape, I didn’t get it!  I mean…I really didn’t get it!  In fact, I had to ask to have the term repeated to me because I thought I was mistaken on what I was hearing!  But as it turned out, they really were saying Washi Tape.  Then I heard that Stampin’ Up! was developing exclusive designs that were going to be added to the product line—this was my chance to find out what all of the excitement was about. 
To help introduce this new product, our Concept Art team created an online class called “What to Washi.”  I wanted to know more so I took the class.  Wow, the class showed so many ideas and ways to use Washi!
I really enjoyed the first section—Washi Basics—which shows how easily you can make some quick cards by using the Washi to add just a little pop of color.
Oh my goodness, it really is so easy to use!!  And you just need a little strip to make  an adorable quick card! The first time I applied Washi to the card, I didn’t get it on very straight, but just like the class taught, all I had to do was peel it back up and reapply! Soooo easy. . . .
Here are the cards I made. 

I have to say that now I am hooked—I love Washi! I definitely need to keep some on hand so I can make a quick card when I need one.  Actually, I need a card almost everyday so I better keep a few choices on hand!
If you’re like me and want to find out more about Washi, check out the “What to Washi” online class—I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!
Gwen G.
Concept Art Administrative Assistant
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